The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook by Neely Fuller Jr. –

Neely Fuller

Revised /Expanded Edition

The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept (“The Compensatory Code”) is a term that means, when expressed in practice, the sum total of everything that is thought, said, or done by one individual Non-White person, who is a Victim of Racism [Victim of White Supremacy] that is effective in helping to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy), and/or in helping to “make up” for the lack of justice and correctness, in any one or more areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and/or War/Counter-War.


A Compensatory Counter-Racist Word Guide (Available Only in 2 -3 Bundle Packs)


The “Word-Tools” presented in this work are specifically intended to assist the user in thinking, speaking, and/or acting in a manner that best helps the process of replacing The System of White Supremacy (Racism) with The System of Justice (balance between people). According to Neely Fuller, there is reason to believe that the “best language” for any people to teach, learn, and use, is language that does the most to (1) guarantee that no person is mistreated; and (2) guarantee that the person who needs help the most, gets the most [constructive] help.


A Compensatory Code/System/Concept ORIGINAL BOOK

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