Economics means the correct distribution of, and/or balance between, all animals, persons, places, plants, things, etc. Economics, in the correct sense, is the sum total of all of the thought, speech, and/or action used to produce maximum efficiency in revealing truth in a manner that promotes the establishment of Justice and Correctness in all areas of activity. Economics also means using all things, thought, speech, and/or action with maximum efficiency with the objective of eliminating Racism (White Supremacy).

Economics does not mean simply acquiring, saving, and/or spending money. Economics is not a tool of money – money is a tool of Economics. Economics is the result of people speaking and acting effectively in the production of Justice and Correctness. It is not simply how money is handled that determines “Economics,” it is a matter of how everything is handled – and to what end. “Economics” pertains to how all “time” and all “energy” is used.