An Overview of Racism (White Supremacy),
Counter-Racism (Counter-White Supremacy),
and the Nine Major Areas of [People] Activity

According to Compensatory Logic, there is reason to believe that what each person does, or says, each and every day, has an effect that is either constructive, or non-constructive.

Also, according to Compensatory Logic, there is reason to believe that what each person does, or says, each and every day, has the effect of helping to produce justice (balance between people), or helping to maintain and expand the practice of non-justice (non-balance between people).

Also, according to Compensatory Logic, there is reason to believe that what each person does, or says, each and every day, has a direct, or indirect, effect, on what happens to all the people in the known universe in what could be called “The Nine Major Areas of [People] Activity”:

1. Economics
2. Education
3. Entertainment
4. Labor
5. Law
6. Politics
7. Religion
8. Sex
9. War/Counter-War

Note: Sadly, many kinds of problems are produced, by people, in all of these areas of activity (one of these areas [“war”] should never have been invented). Also sadly, and according to substantial evidence, there is reason to believe that all of the people of the known universe are directly or indirectly influenced by people who believe in, and who are successfully practicing a system of government that is world-wide and that is specifically-designed to, and intended to, dominate and mistreat people who have dark and/or “non-white” skin-color, and/or who have factors decided “associated with” dark and/or “non-white” skin-color.

The overall effect of this system of world government (correctly called “The System of White Supremacy” and/or “Racism”) is to do great, non-just, and completely unnecessary harm to all so-called “non-white people” in all of the aforementioned “The Nine Major Areas of [People] Activity”. If you are a victim of “The System of White Supremacy/Racism,” it is constructively logical that you seek to know and understand exactly what White Supremacy is, and how it works, in all of “The Nine Major Areas of [People] Activity” as they are presented and defined in the textbook(s) “The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept”.

There is logical reason to believe that if a substantial number of individual non-white persons (Victims of White Supremacy) begins to think, speak, and act in a manner that is constructively-codified, the collective effect will be the rapid erosion of all of the “behavior-glue” that binds all of the day-to-day major elements of White Supremacy (racism) into the powerful system that it is. This “behavior-glue” is the combined speech and/or action(s) of those individual white persons who, each day, say or do those things (“great” or “small”) that have the effect of directly or indirectly helping to maintain, expand, and/or refine the strength of “The System of White Supremacy (Racism)”.

It is constructively logical for all correct thinking people to think, speak, and act in a “codified” manner with the intention of replacing The System of White Supremacy (Racism/Non-Justice) with The System of Justice (Balance Between People). Some compensatory-reference remarks for doing so are presented in Nine Major Areas of [People] Activity via the Basic and Word-Guide Textbook(s) of The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System Concept.


In all of the aforementioned Nine Major Areas of (People) Activity, The White Supremacists (Racist-Man and Racist-Woman) have a precise-codified way of saying and doing everything. This “race-code “is the functional “key” to their success in dominating and mistreating the non-white people of the known universe with great skill and relative ease. Cause and effect; at all times, knowing exactly what to do, or say, and knowing exactly what not to do, or say-with little or no hesitation, and with few, or no mistakes. Non-white people do not have a constructively codified response to the “White Supremacists Code”. The response of the average individual non-white person to the activities of the average White Supremacists (Racist-Man/Racist-Woman) is, at best, pitiful, primitive, stupid, and/or silly. Non-white people are in serious need of a scientific compensatory counter-racist “codified” way of thinking, speaking, and acting that is “tailored” to fit the needs of each individual (non-white) person at all places, in all areas of activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war/counter-war. The absence of such an active Counter-Racist Code being used by individual non-white persons, everywhere, each day, is the so-called “missing link” in best-helping to end non-white people being “race victims” and best-helping them to acquire the characteristics of universal man and universal woman (collectively and individually), and become the most constructive people possible.


© Neely Fuller Jr.
Sept. 2014