Regardless of what you may have been told, expect, at all times, to be mistreated as a result of so-called “laws” and/or “legal systems” that you are involved in, and/or subject to, during the existence of The System of White Supremacy (Racism). Do not expect truth to be revealed or used in a manner that results in Justice, and/or Correctness, through so-called “law-making” that is directly or indirectly dominated by Racistman and/or Racistwoman (White Supremacists, collectively). At best, expect only the expressions of so-called “concern” or “sympathy.”

According to Compensatory Logic, a “Law” is anything that is “done.” This means that every time any “police” person does anything, he or she is practicing, enacting, enforcing etc., a “law” of whatever it is that is being done. It is important to know and to understand that “Law” is not the same as “Justice.”