In a socio-material system dominated by Racism (White Supremacy), all “jobs” that are established and/or maintained by White people, are dominated (either directly or indirectly) by those White people who practice Racism (White Supremacy). No person can be hired, fired, promoted, and/or get “in trouble” on a job unless it is the will of the White Supremacists.

In addition, there is no such thing as a Non-White person being a “supervisor” (“super”/“superior advisor”) on a job in any socio- material system that is dominated by White Supremacy. Only White people are “supervisors” (superior-advisors and/or masters of all advice giving). Non-White people, however, may have “supervisory” titles, but, in truth, only serve as messengers (carriers of messages).

Racist man and Racist woman (White Supremacists, collectively) are the superior “workers” among the people of the known universe. They do more “work” than anyone. The “work” of Racist man and Racist woman is to establish, maintain, expand, and/or refine the practice of Racism (White Supremacy). They use deceit, direct violence, and/or the threat of violence as a way of getting Non-White people to “labor” in (direct or indirect) support of the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and/or refinement of Racism.