As long as White Supremacy (Racism) exists, always think, speak, and act as if you are in a “battle zone,” and that people (White or Non-White) may do you bodily harm at any time, in any place.  Do not think that any place in the known universe is “safe.”  At all times, do your best to be prepared to fight, or to flee, unjust attack.  Danger, in the form of injustice and/or incorrectness exists every place in the known universe.
The White Supremacists (Racists) collectively, intend to practice White Supremacy (Racism) forever.  Therefore, they will kill, or help to kill, enough Non-White people in order to satisfy their need to “have fun,” but they do not intend to kill so many that no Non-White people remain.  They kill, or help to kill, “enough” Non-White people so as to frighten those who remain.  This is the only way that they can continue to enjoy practicing White Supremacy.  White Supremacists not only enjoy killing Non-White people, but they also enjoy terrorizing, confusing, intimidating, brutalizing, depriving, and “making fun” of the weakness, stupidity, and ignorance of Non-White people.  White Supremacists intend to do this forever.
This is “The Race War” – the only War.

According to Compensatory Counter-Racist Logic, the White people of the known universe are very likely to show little or no serious interest in putting an end to The System of White Supremacy (Racism) and the harm that The System does to Non-White people, until the reactions to that harm results in major and persistent dissatisfaction among White people, and done in such a manner that White people will regard Justice (balance between people) as being better than Racism (White Supremacy).
In a known universe in which Justice has not been produced, everyone who is able has the duty to do all that he or she can to produce Justice.
In accordance with the Law of Compensatory Counter-Racist Logic, and the Law of Compensatory Counter-Racist Counter-War, the White people who choose to disregard the harm that is done to Non-White people as a result of White Supremacy, are entitled [because of their disregard] to receive the same “type” of harm, and/or “degree” of harm, that is inflicted upon Non-White people.