Many Non-White people waste too much time, energy, and money by promoting, and/or participating in, frivolous “parties” and “social gatherings.” Most so-called “social gatherings” of Non-White people are none other than excuses to “show-off” or gossip, and/or engage in nit-picking or malicious plotting. Such contacts usually serve to do little more than promote animosity, conflict, “show-offism,” dishonesty, gossip, and other forms of unnecessary and destructive activity.

Many Non-White people spend much time, energy, and money “showing off” to each other. They do this as a means of trying to make the overall effects of Racism (White Supremacy) on their “personal affairs” seem unimportant, and/or non-existent. This show-offism serves no constructive purpose. It only helps Non-White people to become more pitiful, primitive, stupid, and/or silly in comparison to the activities of the White Supremacists (Racists), and/or in comparison to White people in general. Among Non-White people, “showing off” is oftentimes equated with “power” and “intelligence.”